Studio 308 (named for the painting studio I occupied in college) was formed so that I can share my love of nature with others, in hopes that they get the same feeling of comfort and sense of place out of my works


I grew up in the mountains, quite literally, in a tiny valley just a half a mile from Yellowstone National Park. My parents are wildlife photographers so I spent much of my childhood hiking through the woods on the search for the elusive owl or that perfect scenic vista. Following graduation from Western Oregon University, I moved back home to Montana. I have always known that I wanted to be an artist, but never was I more inspired then when seeing the amazing place I grew up in with fresh eyes. After spending three years at home, working as the Director of the Cooke City Montana Museum I made the move to Bozeman, where I am currently part-time curator at the Gallatin History Museum. I am a painter, printmaker, fiber artist, writer, and jewelry designer.